Beyond the boundaries of Taste

Let’s Eat At Bino’s Kitchen

Here at Bino’s Kitchen, you are family. We specialize in local classics, seafood and pacific rim cuisine served with the Aloha Spirit.

Going back to old school hospitality and elevating comfort foods to bring you back to fond memories and the good old days.

Indulge in the comfort of your own home with our private chef services and catering. Enjoy hosting without the stress of cooking and cleaning.
Let us bring high end, flavorful dishes straight to your table, served with the Aloha Spirit.

The food at Bino’s Kitchen goes beyond the boundaries of taste as chef Kevin prepares classic favorites from the plantation days.

As a mom and pop small business, we pour our values into every dish we create. With a fusion of Filipino and American Asian flavors, we bring the taste of tradition and innovation to your palate.

Providing ono food while serving the community through various charitable organizations. Taking care of the keiki, kupuna and the houseless are the heart of this kitchen. Serving others brings joy to Chef Kevin and the Ohana of Bino’s Kitchen.

Discover the joy of entertaining without the hassle. Taste the fusion of flavors with a touch of Aloha. Experience the heartwarming hospitality of Bino’s Kitchen.

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If you want in on the action. Catering services and private chef services in Maui and throughout Hawaii are available for special events.

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